Thursday, March 21, 2019

My ArnoldGPU (betta) test with Yeti

As a groomer, I always interest how works new render features with hair and fur, so I did the test on my Ringil workstation new version of MtoA 3.2.0, Maya 2018.5 and Yeti 3.1.7
2xXeon 2683v3 (28core all turbo 2.78Ghz) vs AORUS GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme Edition 11G, Nvidia drivers 419.35 and 419.67.

The render time with approximately the same level of grain (CPU/GPU): 4m38sec/3m34s
I understand that Arnold GPU is the betta and PeregrinLabs not yet release Yeti for new Arnold core, but: no support Maya light links, Hair shader need tweaks to "CPU" look (incorrectly solution tweaking by increasing Indirect Spec)

  "CPU" looks  (419.35 driver) 4m38sec

"GPU" original version (419.67 driver) 3m27sec

"GPU" corrected version  (419.35 driver) 3m34sec

After updating NVidia driver to 419.67 the render time little decrease: 3m28sec (3% faster) and after overclocked GPU on 25Mhz (from 1999.5 Mhz up to 2025) render time: 3m25sec (4.3% faster than on very first result)
Also if you have small black dots (I had this issue on 419.35 version of display driver) just reopen ArnoldRenderView

Although as for betta looks hopeful. Keep rocking Arnold Autodesk team

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