Friday, December 1, 2017

The Baby Cheetah in studio

 few variation CC

HI-res: and posted in Render Magazine 01/2018

CG Society Award

Fur density - 3736698 fibers
Body fur consist of 7 layers and have only 3 fur system
Render time on Ringil workstation res 3032x4096px- 3h56m
Usage memory when rendering 4k res ~ 9Gb
Body mesh: 3udims, 39362poly
Groom textures: 2 additive RGB textures (2k and 8k), 3 luma texture (2*8k, 1*1k)
SSS textures: 5*8k
Fur textures: 4*8k
Soft: Maya 2017, mtoa, Yeti 2.2.4