Saturday, November 26, 2016

SeEXPR Noise Functions

Visual form some noise and random functions. More info see SeExpr doc


Sunday, September 11, 2016

W.I.P.: Madagascar hunter

I came back to the completion of sculpting my personal project with the code name - "Madagascar hunter".

and some work fun

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

yetiGuideAtrr - script for quick set Yeti guides attributes

I share my script for Yeti groomers who hard work with grooming using a lot Yeti guides many times modify attributes ;) 
In Maya- copy the contents of the script and paste it into the MEL tab or create a button on the shelf 

Download :  

Friday, July 8, 2016

Convert curves (guide set) to Yeti Groom (Maya Script)

Simple script to convert any curves to Yeti Groom

To install place this script to C:\Users\__USER__\Documents\maya\scripts\
In Maya to launch script type in MEL command line or place to shelf: convCurv2GuideWind;
Usage: First created from selected curves Set. Select Curve Set than Poly object and type convCurv2GuideWind; or press button on your shelf.


Sunday, June 12, 2016

Fix Yeti error to write cache folder: fur the directory doesn't exist!

Some little fix error to write cache temp folder when you try render scenes with Yeti and you get error like this:
ERROR Error writing untitled_pgYetiMaya1Shape_4046108918111904799_1.fur the directory doesn't exist! # 

To fix that error you need write in your Render Settings in Render Option scroll in line Pre Render MEL this:

thats all ;)

Monday, April 25, 2016

Collection of procedural in Mari

Collection of screenshots from most of the procedural layers available in Mari

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

W.I.P.: Madagascar hunter- base mesh sculpt stage

Hi guys! Recently I started making my personal project with the code name - "Madagascar hunter". Here are the first strokes of the base mesh in the T- position. The hero is a humanoid Yemen chameleon hunter who returns from hunting with prey in its habitat.

pen sketch in a sketchbook

sculpt progress

turntable of base mesh

Wait for the next updates ;)

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Nice camera shader for the Arnold renderercapable of simulating some optically imperfect lens effects.

Download, documentation and more info  >>> here <<<

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Yeti and UDIM

Important <UDIM> like Mari UDIMs (.1001., 1002, )

File- path to texture with .<UDIM>. for example C:\Temp\TXT.<UDIM>.tif ; U coordinate no changed- $s , V coordinate need changed to: 

floor($t) + 1 - ($t - floor($t))
see in pic.

If V coordinate leave unchanged (1-$t), there will be an unexpected result over 1001 UDIM.

Convert curves (guide set) to Yeti Groom

If you need convert curves to Yeti Groom, you must create from curves maya Set and know shape name of object the guides are to be growing from. Then type MEL command:

pgYetiConvertGuideSetToGroom( "set1", "pPlaneShape1", "0.2" )

where: set1 - your set name, pPlaneShape1- shape name your object the guides are to be growing from,  0.2-  step size (less value - strands will be more detailed).

Script in action