Friday, September 14, 2018

Cheetah Family

My latest work is devoted to these wonderful animals, which soon may be lost.
I tried to achieve photorealistic similarity to real animals in their habitat, and I hope you will like the result.

All grooming work and grass scattering I did in Yeti 2.2.8.
Yeti tree of adult cheetah

Shading and rendering in Arnold (core 5.x.x) in which I used aiStandartHair and melanin centric texturing:
Fur shader of adult cheetah

crypto_object pass


Fusion CC tree

More info coming soon...

Total fur density ~19.5M fibers
Total blades of grass - 108453
Ram used during render ~39Gb
Render time- 9h51m on Ringil workstation
Also, you can buy the model of the adult cheetah here   or 


  1. really great work i've one question bro how do you know the fur fiber denisty i cant fugure out how you can calculte in yeti thkx and big up

    1. Thanks) This is at first a difficult question, but in fact everything is simpler than it seems- this is a delicate balance between science and art. Information about the density of fur, you can try to find from scientific articles, but there is a way and simpler- many hi-res photo references. with the help of which you can see the density of fur, the size of clamps and even the amount of hair thickness