Monday, December 21, 2015

Motion blur with Arnold and Yeti

For correct rendering motion blur Yeti fur using Arnold renderer you need set-up correct settings for similar sub-frames. For Yeti cache you need set 5 samples and +1 starting frame longer than the entire sequence (for example, if the sequence start with 1 frame then caching is necessary from frame 0). For example sub-frames for frame=1:
0.5 -- 0.752 -- 1 -- 1.252 -- 1.5
Yeti caching settings:

For Arnold motion blur setting need set Keys=5Lenght=1 (360 degree) and Center of frame position. For example sub-frames for frame=1:
0.5 -- 0.75 -- 1 -- 1.25 -- 1.5
Motion blur Arnold renderer settings:

Quick test


  1. We've tryed the same method, but in some scenes, especially with the short fur, tips of fur strands again getting overblurred.

  2. Motion Blur on Yeti fur wasn't exported. aov motionvector pass